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Lots of People Return to Branson

Recently, I took a drive down the World-Famous Branson Strip.  Things were hoppin'!  

Most of our live shows, and restaurants are open.  Thankfully, there were people everywhere.
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It was a welcome sight to behold, especially after all we have gone through.

Both locally, and nationally it feels like things are beginning to get back to normal - whatever that is (lol)!   

In some of the videos we publish, it may be hard for the viewer to gauge how busy Branson is overall.  A simple drive down Hwy. 76 Country Blvd. may be the truest reflection of what Branson is like at any given moment as far as traffic etc.

Personally, I do not enjoy sitting in traffic for long periods of time.  Don't get me wrong, it's ok every once in a while, but I usually have other things I need to do.  

After not having enough traffic though, I am finding myself enjoying it a bit more.

The sound of laughter, go-karts, and plain ol' everyday conversations is something many of us have prayed for.  

As folks return to visit our small, Ozark town many of us are smiling from ear to ear.

Of course there are those who never seem to be satisfied with anything.  We must pray for them.  

I know we are not a perfect community.  The fact that I am here, makes it an imperfect place.  "Every town has one", right?  

Even with our imperfections though, Branson is the happy place to millions of people.

I would encourage anyone to think of Branson when looking for a good, clean place to vacation or live.  

We love our country, our God, our military veterans.  For the most part, we live in peace with each other, and just have a good time.

Silver Dollar City is a big part of Branson, as are our live shows.  There are many things to do here for the young, and not-so-young.  

We are thrilled to have Branson open again!

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