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Branson Is (still) My Happy Place

In the same way that our nation has gone through tough times in the past few several months, so has Branson, MO. 

Something that started out so far away from our
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little Ozark home, has had a major impact on our local businesses, economy and many other aspects of life here.

Thankfully the COVID-19 virus has not taken many lives in Branson, but the few that have been taken are too many.

Businesses that would normally have opened in March or April either did so briefly, or not at all.  It was sad to see. 

There were many feelings in our community about our fate as a country and as a family vacation destination. 

One thing that remained a constant however was the love and longing for Branson, to be Branson once again.

Many visitors stated on social media that they looked forward to "visiting Branson, as soon as they were able".

After much preparation, and adapting to the situation we found ourselves in, things slowly started to open up.

While the national media painted a picture of doom and gloom, life went on in Branson pretty much as it normally does in the off-season.

Yes, there were a few things that were different, but many of us still left our homes, still saw friends, etc.  

Handshakes and hugs were still given by some, while others were a little more reserved in their approach. 

Memorial Day
As restrictions started to ease, people began to be more and more hopeful of the upcoming holiday.

Finally on Memorial Day Weekend, Branson was once again abuzz.  The Branson Strip was again filled with cars.  Local restaurants again opened their doors, and so did many other businesses.
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It was good to drive down Hwy 76 and hear the sounds of go-karts racing, and the laughter of children of all ages playing and having fun.

We are still far from where we would be without the devastation caused by the virus that ravaged our land, but we are headed in the right direction.

Some of our most popular theatres are now open, with more opening soon. 

If you are a lover of Branson, if Branson is your "happy place", we hope you can visit us soon.

We do ask as always that visitors who are sick wait until they are better before returning.  All others who love God, Country, and the American Way of Life, are always welcome.

Our Next Test
Our next big test will be July 4th in Branson.  Typically, Independence Day and the days before and after are HUGE in Branson.

With Silver Dollar City already open at that time, we are optimistic about the 4th of July in Branson!  


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