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Is Branson Transitioning into a Carnival?

I hope you enjoy this video drive around Branson, MO.  Branson is located in the heart of the Ozark mountains.  

This video gives us the opportunity to discuss the changes we have seen in recent years as


well as the general direction Branson is headed.  My intent in discussing these matters is only honorable and good.

I hope by posing these questions my words are not interpreted to be that of one stirring up strife or ill feelings.  Keeping Branson, Branson is the main objective.  I hope it's not too late.    

While it is a fact that Branson draws a different demographic than it did 30 years ago,  It is also a fact that the world has changed.  I understand that.  

However, as I said in the video, there is an entirely different audience and clientele at a carnival or tavern vs. family-owned and ran country/gospel/bluegrass shows.  

30 years ago people were crude, rude, mean and all the rest, but not (publicly) in Branson.  Branson was special.  

Why do you think that was?

We would never hear filthy language in public spaces around families and children.  Now, it's fairly common to hear that kind of talk aimed at children!

Beggars, purse snatching, shootings, cars being broken into, burglaries are things that happen in Branson today in this new carnival atmosphere.

This will only increase if we don't find a solution.

Btw, I am NOT against amusement rides, and other family-friendly entertainment, far from it.  I actually love it all.

I am not suggesting that we get rid of the ride parks etc.  There must be another way.

I guess my whole point in this line of comment is to spur thought and hopefully some solutions.  

If you are of a different opinion, I respect that, and still encourage respectful dialogue.

Believe it or not Branson has always had things going on behind-the-scenes that were not entirely in keeping with it's public image, but that public image is what used to draw God-fearing, patriotic, law-abiding visitors.  

Before your feathers are ruffled too badly, please know many of us just want the uniqueness of Branson back.  We wish no ill will to those who are not like us.  

There are plenty of places folks can spend their vacation dollars.  If Branson becomes just another vacation destination, we will have lost our heritage, and that would be a real shame.

What do you think, Is the genie out of the bottle?  Can we go back to attracting more families who love God, each other and our great country?  

I sure hope so.  



One of many ideas I have is that we should seek that which we wish to attract.  In other words encourage those people who we want to see more of to visit Branson.

If we spend our time and money seeking them, possibly even incentivize their visit, they will tell their friends and those who are like them.

I realize this type of demographically targeted campaign may be somewhat controversial, but companies do it all the time.

At the opposite end of the spectrum look at Disney.  Branson could use similar techniques for a more wholesome outcome.

Once the ideal visitor is here, make them feel welcome.  Go out of our way to welcome them.  Do this despite color, race etc. - It's not about that.

It's all about getting back to what made Branson great.

People talk about "The Boom" in the 90s.  I have news for you, Branson was a great place before all of the national attention and notoriety. 

Don't get me wrong I loved seeing Andy Williams, Roy Clark and of all the rest, but they didn't make Branson great.

It was good folks that made Branson great; folks who loved God (yes I said it again, because it's true), loved each other and America.

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Final Word

I hope I articulated my thoughts correctly, but I fear in this modern age where the new national pastime is word-twisting I failed to explain accurately and completely my thoughts.

That is why I am asking you to join the conversation.  It may sound hokey, but we can do it together.

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