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Terry Sanders Presents $5,000 Check To Branson Fire Dept.

On Tuesday, Nov. 26th, 2019, Mr. Terry Wayne Sanders along with Mr. Chris Newsom, the manager of the Americana Theatre, presented a check to the Branson Fire Fighter’s Association  at Fire Station #1 in Branson, MO.
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As many of you know, Terry is celebrating his 40th Anniversary as a performer and entertainer in Branson, MO this season. 

Terry has known Fire Chief Ted Martin for many years.  Last winter Terry spoke to Ted about the Branson Fire Fighter’s Association E.F.F.O.R.T. charity.  (E.F.F.O.R.T.  stands for Every Fire Fighter Offering Relief Together).

On Sunday, Aug. 25th of this year Terry had his 1-time only Terry Wayne Sanders ~ Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show at the Americana Theatre.

It was an amazing event that will be remembered and talked about for many years to come.  No Farewell doesn’t mean he’s quitting, leaving, slowing down or retiring.  

As Terry said at the show, "Sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to say, Farewell.  Terry told those in attendance that day, "I know everyone of you, all 736 of you plus, my cast of over 30 performers/friends!  Only the Lord knows what tomorrow holds, so if I don’t see you again, I’ll see you in Heaven!"

The event was sold out several weeks in advance of the show.  All-in-all, it was one of the best days ever to be in Branson!

Terry recounted telling Jack Herschend (his main employer of 40 years) "Jack, I’ve given you & your company, Silver Dollar City 40 years of dedicated service.  I just turned 60 & I still have my health & I love what I do!  I’m going to give you another 40 years & at the age of 100, I’ll slow down to maybe a part-time position!"  

Terry went on to invite the spellbound audience to his Terry Wayne Sanders 80th Anniversary - Homer Lee & Friends Farewell Show to be held on Sunday, Aug. 31st, 2059 at 2 PM at the Americana Theatre!  

As I sat in the audience that day, there was a lot of clapping, and a few tears.  It was marvelous. 

Terry went on to explain to the attendees, "In case you are in a better place (Heaven) on that date, here’s what will happen."

Then (with some ceremony), Terry’ youngest son, Evan James Sanders, joined his father, 7-time winner of Comedian of the Year father on the stage.  

Terry was dressed as his character Homer Lee, the lovable maintenance man when he said, "You’ve heard of passing the torch… well, I’m passing the plunger!" as he handed over his trademark toilet plunger to his son.   

"40 years from now, Evan will take over as Homer Lee Jr.!"

It was a pleasure to be in attendance the day of the show, as well as when Terry presented a giant check to the Branson Fire Fighter’s Association.

Terry has always been a good friend to me, his other friends and fans, and the Branson community in general.  

He said, "I have been very blessed with good health, great friends, a wonderful family, and people who have believed in me all these years.  

The biggest reward is seeing the 2nd, 3rd, and now the 4th generation of families to come and watch my antics and joy of laughter!"

Way to go Terry!

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