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The Lennon Sisters in Branson, MO

It just wouldn't seem like Christmas without the music of The Lennon Sisters.  Many American TV viewers first fell in love with the singing siblings on The Lawrence Welk Show

They made their television debut on Christmas Eve, 1955 and appeared on the show until 1968. Years later, millions more of us saw them via our
local PBS affiliate stations.

As a kid I remember watching The Lawrence Welk Show with my grandparents.  Although I didn't fully appreciate the program at the time, I would sometimes watch it at home by myself.

There was something comforting about the good, clean entertainment from another time.  The easy-to-listen-to music was perfect for Sunday afternoons in the 70s and 80s. 

Now that I am older, I wish there was more family-friendly entertainment like this available.

The Lennon Sisters began performing on The Andy Williams Show in the 1970s.  They also toured with Andy across the United States, and joined him for shows in Las Vegas.

As time passed, both the Lennons and Andy Williams would find themselves performing in Branson, MO.

Andy built his own Moon River Theatre in 1992, while The Lennons would headline the Welk Champagne Theater from 1994 to 2012.

I have seen the Lennons perform many times over the years.  They have been a much-loved staple of the Branson community for decades.

These days, the Lennon Sister can be seen in The Andy Williams Ozark Mountain Christmas Show
starring The Lennon Sisters
at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center.

They are performing from November 1st thru Saturday, December 14th. 

Recently, I was delighted to see and hear these talented ladies perform once again.  They appeared as guests on the Branson Country USA TV Show.  

They were joined by two granddaughters, who also did a lovely job.

The weekly show is recorded live at The Grand Country Music Hall and broadcast from coast to coast.

Producer Mike Patrick, does an excellent job showcasing Branson's amazing talent, co-hosting the show with Jamie Haage and a full ensemble cast of regulars. 

The entire cast and crew at Grand Country do a terrific job, and have won many awards.

To learn more about The Lennon Sisters, click here.

For information about the shows at Grand Country Music Hall, click here.  

By the way, The Lennon Sisters said they plan "to be back" to perform again in 2020.  

I can't wait!

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