Branson's Tour Guide

Liverpool Legends In Branson, MO

 By Elizabeth Jane Vrobel
For me, Liverpool Legends is about as close to a Beatles concert as anyone can get.  These guys have the look and sound of The Beatles!

The show starts off with songs they (The Beatles) did on The Ed Sullivan Show and at Lambert Field in New York.  

They sing She Loves You, A Hard Day's Night, Yesterday, Ringo's  Yellow Submarine, and others from that time.

In the first half they have the audience rush the stage and get everyone dancing, clapping, and singing along with a few songs before twisting and shouting to end the first half.

The second half starts with their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/Just A Little Help From My Friends songs and the stage is popping with all sorts of bright colors. 

The next thing you know, everyone is up, putting their arms around each other for the song All You Need Is Love.  This is followed by clapalongs, more singing, dancing and lots of great music from the Beatles' songbook.

I love seeing Liverpool Legends!  This show gets everyone pumped and having a good time. Be sure to check them out while in Branson, especially if you're a Beatles fan! 

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