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Another Late Night At Grand Country (9/27/14)

  By Dan Eslinger
Recently, Grand Country USA provided yet another evening of late night fun at the Grand Country Music Hall in Branson, MO.  

Everyone was already excited to see special guest The Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band

perform.  Then, Producer/Show Host Mike Patrick announced that he and Co-Host Jamie Haage (Jim Dandy) would be sharing their hosting duties with legendery Branson innovator Chisai Childs.

The night was filled with "had to be there" moments as comedy was king and set to some of the best music ever played in the Ozarks.

The Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band owned the stage with their unique style of what this writer would call campfire music.  They brilliantly showcase their talents in an easy-to-listen-to and most entertaining way.  
This trio of ladies have been performing at Silver Dollar City this year. 

I would like to join my voice with the many thousands of others in saying that I hope they plan on returning to Branson and Silver Dollar City next year. 

Having Chisai Childs in the house transmitted to even higher energy backstage.  The stories and costumes were flying and I for one was loving every minute of it.  

As Mike Patrick said, "Before Chisai came to Branson, performers just wore one set of clothes per show.  (She) ...changed all of that with costume changes and her other ideas.  Her innovations have changed all of the shows since then."  


The Grand Band and cast seem to take their performance to new levels of entertainment each week and this show was no exception.  New South Quartet also seemed to have an extra spring in their step and shared the song in their hearts with a grateful audience.   

Jackie Brown was in excellent voice, Melody Hart proved once again why she is G.C.'s "Little Miss Country Sunshine."  There was even some expert fiddle playing during the commercial break that made this a show to remember.

For me though, the highlight of the evening came when Larry Allred sang an old George Strait song.  

I love to hear Larry play and sing.  He's a wonderful entertainer and hands down the funniest non-comedian in Branson.


As Larry's song progressed he began to be joined on stage by the ladies of Grand Country.  Then things changed, the Police showed up and... well, the attached pictures will give you a glimpse of what happened next.  

Like I said, you just had to be there! 

The next show is this Friday night at 10:30pm.  For tickets and information, call the Grand Country Box Office at

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