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Joseph Hall’s Rock n’ Remember Tribute

  By Samantha Lekin
Elvis Presley sure was the “King of Rock n’ Roll” and Branson Missouri’s Joseph Hall does his memory justice as he pays tribute to Elvis in his show at the Clay Cooper Theatre.  

Joseph lets everyone know how big of an Elvis fan he is and that he tries to do his show with

the utmost respect towards Elvis Presley and the Elvis fans...and he does. 

The impersonation of Elvis is something a lot of people attempt.  Some are good, some are bad and others turn it into a joke.   Joseph Hall however,  puts himself into the role of Elvis and does a great job at it.

The women in the crowd go wild as Joseph says to, "sit back, relax and leave the hip thrusting and gyrating (to him)."  That man can sure move his body - in a tactful and classy way of course!  Even though it is a family friendly show, you can’t have an Elvis show without a little hip action!

You may recognize Joseph Hall from his many TV appearances including NBC’s America’s Got Talent where he was a finalist. (That's the show that had Sharon Osborn and David Hasselhoff.) 
During the Branson show, he thoughtfully takes time to thank everyone for voting for him back then.  Later when singing Suspicious Minds, he jokes about that being the song that he did the week he was sent home.  As I listened to him sing that song, I was thinking that the people voting were crazy to have sent him home.  He does an excellent rendition of that classic song.
I also liked how this show touched upon so many eras of music.  There were songs from the movies, the 50s, 60s, 70s, gospel and even a country song or two.  Joseph explained, "singing on Clay Cooper’s stage I can feel the country in the room!"

Backed by a great band and two talented female singer/dancers (Stephani Haygood & Tiffany Guthrie), the audience is taken on a ride down memory lane.  Joseph and the beautiful and talented Stephani Haygood even do a duet version of Don't Cry Daddy.  It is very emotional, touching and beautifully done. 
This show is so well put together and full of talent at every turn that at times one may forget they are watching Joseph Hall and not Elvis himself!
Joseph’s powerful and patriotic rendition of Dixie Land is a definite crowd pleaser that brought the audience to their feet.  At the end of the show, Joseph brings his parents out, showing the closeness of his family and how important they are to one another.
This show has something for everyone.  There are teddy bears flying, fast costume changes, kisses and sweaty scarves, dancing, laughs, and amazing vocal performances.  It's a show you don’t want to miss.

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