Branson's Tour Guide

Branson To Me By Brenda Revill

Twenty-four years ago my husband, Ray and I began vacationing in Branson.  It was our, fun time.  We loved that we could come here and everything was about God and Country.  Silver Dollar City was, and still is,  a main attraction
for us.  We could enjoy the mountain views, entertainment and great food - all in one place! 

We've seen a lot of great shows over the years, some more than once.  The World Famous Platters, Andy Williams, Legends in Concert, the Baldknobbers Jamboree, and the list goes on and on.  Our favorite this past year was the Hughes Brother’s “IT”.  I guess IT was it for me because I love kids and the show was jam packed with them.  My others favorite were the Rankin Brothers and, of course, SIX. 

No matter whether we are sightseeing, going to shows, shopping Downtown, or going to the landing, we love it here!  We have memories galore and the people here have always been friendly to us. 

Six years ago, we retired, left Florida and decided to make Branson our home.  Now we love to see all of the visitors come to our great area and they make it so interesting.  What I like most about Branson, is that we are One Big Happy God Fearing Family.  The whole community pulls together to show love and respect to everyone.  Recently, we witnessed this love firsthand.

On January 29th  we lost our home to a condo fire.  The whole building with 12 units burned completely to the ground.  Everything was lost by everyone living in the building.  People rallied together to help all of us that lost so much.  We go to an amazing church, (Faith & Wisdom) here in Branson.  They opened their hearts of compassion during our time of need, to come to our aid.  Not just our church, but there are good people everywhere in Branson.  Just look around and you can see That Branson Is The Place To Be.

We came from the Florida beaches to the Ozark Mountains. Now, some of our old friends and family call us Hillbillies. We just tell them we are Mountaineers and proud to be part of this great little haven we call Branson.  Like my husband says, “You are bound to find something you will like.”  We sure did.