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Branson's Late Night Alternative

A common complaint voiced on our Facebook page is that, "Branson closes too early."  Grand Country's Branson Country USA has an answer!

This show is a welcomed alternative to sleepyville for those of us who choose to stay up past 10:00pm. Breakfast shows are great but not every one has the same schedule, especially while on vacation.  Our late night friends seeking family friendly entertainment are sure to enjoy this show.

Each Friday night (January to December), this late night variety show is co-hosted by longtime Branson entertainers, Jamie Haage (as Jim Dandy), and Mike Patrick.  Recorded in front of a live studio audience, the show features a wide array of guest stars.  Past guests have included, Roy Clark, Mickey Gilley, Clay Cooper, SIX, Mel Tillis, Shoji Tabuchi and so many others.  

A quick look at their website reveals, "...enjoy the incredible voices of Jackie Brown, Melody Hart and the power harmonies of New South... The entire show is backed by the dynamic Grand Band."

Even though the show is recorded and distributed to TV and Radio stations around the country, the real fun comes from being there in person.  During the commercial breaks we are treated to some very entertaining behind-the-scenes stories (that never make it to the airwaves) as well as extra Wildcard musical selections.

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(Click to enlarge photos from 3/21/14)