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(NEW) Branson, MO Drive - 2022

We took our first drive of 2022 down the historic Branson Strip on January 6th.  

Click here for video.

Earlier in the day there had been a light snow and some ice on the roads. 

This contributed to several cars and other vehicles sliding into ditches and each other.

By afternoon, roads were clear and traffic was once again moving at the regular pace.  This time of year things seem peaceful and slow for the most part in this small Ozark town.

Soon though the streets will overflow with happy vacationers and pleasure-seekers, both to the delight and chagrin of the local populace.


Today's Drive
As the saying goes, Branson is always changing!  This year is no different.  New and returning businesses are coming to life.

Sadly, we are also saying goodbye to a few businesses and buildings that have been a part of many happy memories.  

Demolition has begun on both the Jim Stafford Theatre and neighboring Caravelle Theatre.

Caravelle by BTG
The Branson community has much anticipation as to what will be done with the property.  If it is good for Branson, we wish them well.

Whatever is done with the land, it will be yet another sentence, or (if highly successful) a paragraph in the story of this town we call our happy place.    

Our drive proceeded down the Strip, to Downtown and toward Springfield.


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