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Kmart Closing In Branson, MO

I, like everyone else heard the news of Kmart and Sears closing more of their stores.  Immediately I looked up

the stores on the chopping block and found that yes indeed the Branson, MO Kmart will be closing.  

Although it wasn't a big surprise, it was still a shock.  For me, the news was kind of like when an elderly family member that has been sick for more than 20 years, finally passes away.  

Sure they were in and out of the hospital and the family was called in on several occasions but somehow they always pulled through.

This time, sadly, great-aunt Kmart won't be at coming home.

Once upon a time, the stores were full of people.  Blue lights flashed directing shoppers to pop-up sales going on throughout the store.  

Customers could buy deli sandwiches, popcorn and soft drinks too.  There was an abundance of life.

Unfortunately, many years ago things changed.  Some say the problems for Kmart began as Walmart and Target ascended to the height of retail.  

Some say the change was inevitable because our country changed.  Those things are true for sure.  I have my own thoughts on this that I won't go into here.

All I know is that the blue-light specials gave way to multiple questions at check out and what seemed like yards of receipt paper for even a single purchased item.

RIP Kmart.

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