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Downtown Construction In Branson, MO

Recently, we spoke to Dave Montgomery at Dick's 5 and 10 Store about all of the construction happening in the historic downtown shopping district of Branson, MO.

The conversation was a real eyeopener for me.  I, like may others, was under the false impression that all of the work being done was mainly for cosmetic reasons.

Hard at work Downtown in Branson
In fact, according to Mr. Montgomery, the work is being done for infrastructure purposes.  

The water drainage system and even the pipes under the street are in such ill-repair that this had to be done to avoid more problems in the future. 

The most interesting fact for me was when Dave told me they had even found "pipes made out of wood"!

I also learned that, as long as the streets were being torn up, we might as well do something to make them better ascetically. 

This writer for one is looking forward to seeing the finished product.  Until then, please note that Dick's 5 and 10 will remain open.  They have done this for nearly six decades and don't plan to change now. 

Parking is only slightly different really.  With the spots routinely occupied in front of the store, I've taken the short walk around the corner many times.  

This Branson, MO tradition is well worth a few extra steps.

To learn more about Dick's 5 and 10 click here.


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