Branson's Tour Guide

Silver Dollar City Fall Festival (Branson, MO)

I went to Silver Dollar City for the National Harvest & Cowboy Festival and took my camera along with me.  
Of course I ran into many friends and also made some new friends. It was a great day!

The weather was perfect and the park was not crowded by the afternoon.  After all these years I still get a good feeling in my heart when I walk through this beloved place.

I also get a smile on my face every time I run into my friends Terry Sanders and Mandi Denney.  They portray Doc Harris and Whoopsie Daisy.  (I may have spelled her name wrong please feel free to correct me on Facebook) LOL

Another good friend, Rich Watson of the Sons of the Silver Dollar was there too!  

It is always a pleasure to get to see him and hear him sing. 

All-in-all, it was a blast!

Please, let us know what your thoughts are about my adventure and what ride I should ride next time.  I would love to here from you either here or on Facebook

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