Ridemakerz at Branson Landing (Branson, MO)

By Danny Branson

Recently, I stopped in to check out a store I have passed by many times on the Branson Landing - Ridemakerz.  I sort of knew what it was, but upon entering I was blown away!

The best way for me to describe it would be, think Build-A-Bear but instead of bears - cars!  You can buy a stripped down car (which is still pretty cool to begin with).  Then customize it by adding wheels, decals, a radio, lights and even make it into a remote controlled vehicle.

They come in themes like superheros etc. and are a big hit as a gift.  Also, one child I know gets to add parts to his car as a periodic reward for doing well in school.  

The company opened their doors in 2006 and have been pleasing car enthusiasts ever since. 

For more information call: (417)336-4001


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