Wine, Coke, Tacos & Country Music In Branson, MO

I'm Danny Branson and I'm on the road again!  In this episode of Branson's Tour Guide, I visit a Branson show, a couple of restaurants and more.  

First up, I stopped in to say hi and take some pictures at Macadoodles in Branson.  They are having an event and I learn even more about their upcoming wine event to be held on Sunday, April 3rd.  

Next I joined in a birthday celebrations at Mel's Hard Luck Diner.  As usual the coke was good and the singing servers were fantastic!

Then I went backstage at the Americana Theatre on Hwy. 76 to watch a rehearsal for the all-new Branson show, Classic Country's Patsy Cline & Friends.  I was by  my friends CJ Newsom, Terry Sanders and the rest of the cast.

Finally, it was getting cold so I went to Arandas Mexican Restaurant to warm up.  It was my first time there and I enjoyed it.

Soon I will continue my quest to eat at every Mexican Restaurant in Branson, MO!

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Anonymous said...

Take it you like Mexican food!!😄