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Mel's Hard Luck Diner Is The Only Branson Restaurant Where They "Sing For Your Super!"

For more than twenty years, Mel's Hard Luck Diner has been making people happy.

Mel's is known as the "home of the singing servers."  This 1950s themed diner not only

boasts some of the best food in Branson, MO but also some of the very best entertainment.

Visitors to Mel's are treated to a variety of music by a host of talented, professional singers, songwriters and musicians.  Many of which have been in or currently perform in some of the most popular shows in Branson.

The Grand Village provides the perfect backdrop for this one-of-a-kind restaurant.  They are conveniently located on the Hwy. 76 Strip. 

The restaurant was newly remodeled this past year.  One of the things that was done was an update to the D├ęcor which now includes shadowboxes filled with memorabilia from many Branson entertainers and shows. 

The servers are professional, award winning Branson entertainers.  At Mel's Hard Luck Diner, they live by the motto, “we sing for your supper!”

To learn more about Mel's Hard Luck Diner click here.

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