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Jim Stafford's First Night Back Onstage In Branson, MO

Jim Stafford is back in the theatre he built and I was there for his first performance.  My evening started off across the street with dinner at La Piazza where the food is phenomenal.  In case you are wondering, I had a Caesar
salad and then their awesome lasagne.
Next, I was off for my walk across Hwy. 76 to see the all-new Jim Stafford Show.  Once I was there they agreed to let me put my leftover lasagne in their refrigerator.  Did I mention the food at La Piazza is amazing? lol

My friend Justin Saltonstall (I call him Salty) had an extra ticket so I was in for my favorite price - FREE.  Salty had worked for Mr. Stafford for many years before moving over to the Grand Country Music Hall.

I have to say that some shows I've been to would be overpriced even at free but this show is worth the full ticket price.  Jim is a true professional who has revamped some of his music, added some new stuff and says he will continue to do so. 

Jim Stafford Opening Night 2015
He has always had an easiness about him but it seemed to me that he was a lot more relaxed and enjoyed talking to the audience.  He made a couple of lighthearted jokes at his own expense as to the circumstances that brought him back to Branson to celebrate his 25th year here.

Bradley & Brett Anderson
In my opinion the best addition to his show are his two friends from Florida.  Their names are Bradley and Brett Anderson, known as Brother Brother. 

Jim explained that the duo had learned to play music from his Youtube videos.  It's a marvelous age in which we live!

Anyway, to make a long story short, the show was fun and I am so glad to have been able to talk to everyone after the show (video here) and look forward to going back later this year.  Jim was a true gentleman and I appreciate his time after the show. 

For more info about Jim Stafford click here.

 Here are a few pics from the evening:

After show picture in Branson, MO
Jim Stafford with Justin Saltonstall after the show in Branson, MO

Jerry Presley & Joanna Arnott

Everyone Was Having A Good Time In Branson!

Bradley & Brett Anderson (Brother, Brother)

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