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Dave Hamner Pranks Clay Cooper Part One (Branson, MO)

Recently, Clay Cooper got a call from his good buddy Dave Hamner inviting him to his theatre for no specific reason. Clay immediately knew something was up.   (These fellas like to play pranks on each other... A LOT.)

As Clay drove up the driveway to Hamners' Variety Theater, he told our camera, "Dave's always pullin' stuff on me." 

First, Clay was greeted at the door by longtime friend Janice Braschler who lets him know that Dave is waiting for him onstage. After talking briefly, Dave explained that Jungle Josh from the Promised Land Zoo will be bringing an animal out to meet Clay. To see what happens next, please watch the short Branson, MO video above.

Part one was the "set up" for what Dave actually has planned for Clay. So, be sure to stay tuned to Branson's Tour Guide for Part 2.

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