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Positively Country, Definitely Gospel (Branson, MO)

 By Daniel Eslinger
When I get a call from my good friend Rich Watson to see a show, I go! Rich told me about a new show he's performing in called Positively Country, Definitely Gospel.

He also let me know that he had joined the featured trio in the show, Faith's Journey (with Jonathan and Deana Edwards). Bass 

singer Jamie Layton (Abundance Quartet) adds his voice and own style to the mix. I was excited to have the opportunity to see the show on opening day.

Due to my schedule I don't see as many morning shows as I would like. These folks had me from the start though as they were passing out Grandma Ruth's cinnamon rolls and piping hot coffee – all included at no extra charge in the ticket price!

As a big fan of both Gospel Music and Positive Country Music I can say, I loved the show from the time I walked in the door until the very end. The song list consisted mainly of familiar, well-known songs. Every once in a while though, they threw in a really good less familiar song to everyone's delight.

The show walks the fine line of being both laid back and quick moving. It was nice to hear some of the back stories of the songs with insight provided from a performer's perspective.

A few of the songs that I especially enjoyed were Beulah Land, I'll Fly Away and The Judd's Grandpa. Patriotism was on full display as Jamie Layton performed the song Arlington as the American Flag stood tall in the background.

Overall, I would recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a good show with an even better message. The music is good. The atmosphere is fun and reminiscent of what I affectionately call old Branson.

I don't mean that it is an “old” show - quite the contrary. The Positively Country, Definitely Gospel show is more about pleasing and interacting with the audience and performing good music than it is about flashy lights, costume changes and special effects.

This show is located inside the Branson Central Theatre.
For more information visit Positively Country, Definitely Gospel on Facebook or call (417)544-0188

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