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Mike Walker's Conway Remembered Show (God And Country Theatre)

  By Daniel Eslinger
After watching my friend Mike Walker perform on Grand Country's TV show and then win the Tribute Artist Of The Year Award at the Branson Terry Music Awards, I was reminded of just how truly talented he is.

I decided a trip to see his show, Conway Remembered at the God and Country Theatre was much overdo. Mike is backed by a fully live band and two very talented female singers.

It's funny how only 2 words said in just the right way, can effect an entire crowd of people. It's also amazing to me that each and every one of us can share the exact same experience but have entirely different thoughts run through our heads.

When Mike said, "Hello Darlin'" lots of memories came to my mind. I remembered how much my aunt and uncle loved that song. I remember hearing some sad news on the radio in 199. I remember... a lot of things. The one prevailing thought though, is that Mike Walker sounds exactly like Conway Twitty!

His show is so much more than those two words though. He gives a lot of insight into the life of the man he pays tribute to. Anyone watching the show can see the feeling Mike has for the music and the memory of the man.

Mike even jokes with the audience about some of the racy lyrics that they all know so well. There are many laughs, a few quiet moments and overall one heck of a time to be had. 

So, the next time you are in Branson, break out those tight fittin' jeans and be sure to catch Mike Walker's Conway Remembered at the God and Country Theatre. 

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