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Branson Personality Guessing Game

It's GAME TIME again!  
Can you guess who this youngster grew up to be?  The answer will be revealed within 7 days and appear at the end of this post. 
(Click Read More for helpful hints.)
Disclaimer: This Branson guessing game is for fun only.  No prize of any kind will be awarded to anyone participating.  Comments are welcome at the end of this post. 

Helpful Hint # 1
Although she is not known primarily as a "headlining vocalist" she is said to be one of the BEST singers in Branson.

Helpful Hint # 2
Her first paying gig was in the Ragtime Lil and Banjo Banjo show in the old Cristy Lane theatre.  She was 13 years old, portraying a 20+ year old flapper floozy named "Long Legged Lola."

Helful Hint # 3
She appeared in the Branson film Boonie Woonie

Our mystery person grew up to be a well-known Branson entertainer, singer and dancer who is currently appearing at Legends In Concert.  

She is also an independent singer/songwriter who moved to Branson in 1989.  Since then, she has appeared in many live shows, on TV, magazine covers and elsewhere.

Considered by many to be one of the most talented and beautiful people in Branson, of course we are talking about...

Miss Elisha Conner.   
We are thankful to call her our friend. 


Carrie said...

Bambi Van Burch or Briahna Brett?

Carrie C said...

Briahna Brett or Bambi Van Burch?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what is the answer?


We took a little longer to post the answer on this one to give everyone the opportunity to guess.

(We had several guesses on our Facebook page but not as many here for some reason.)

Thank you for playing. Be sure to see Elisha at Legends In Concert and tell her we said hi!

Unknown said...

Bambi, I am so sorry. LOL
Thank you for involving me ya'll. Keep on rockin' in the free world. ;-)

~Elisha M. Conner
Don't forget to check out the Netflix documentary "We Always Lie To Strangers"