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Billy Gail's Cafe

 By Samantha Lekin
Whenever people ask me where to go to get a good breakfast I always give the same answer…Billy Gail’s

Billy Gail’s Cafe is a small restaurant just outside of Branson, MO in the general vicinity of Silver Dollar City.

At this time, they are only open for breakfast and lunch.  I have yet to try their lunches, but if they are anywhere near as good as the breakfasts I would definitely go!

One thing I love about Billy Gail’s is that it is out of the craziness of Branson and set in a quiet country atmosphere. It’s a homey place, nothing fancy, just good, down-home-wonderful-comfort food. 

I will tell you though that the word is getting out about this place and they do get busy. So plan ahead, and prepare to wait to get seated. They do offer coffee to those waiting and there is a nice place outside to sit and wait to get a table. 

The staff is very friendly, and Gail herself will usually be around the restaurant making sure everything is in order and that everyone is happy and getting full.

If you like pancakes, this is the place to go! Pancakes are their specialty. They do warn you when you order that the pancakes are as big as medium pizzas, and they are not exaggerating! They are HUGE.

Billy Gail’s has the atmosphere, friendly staff, great food, and very reasonable prices…this is why I say when in Branson don’t miss this place. You will leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

Have YOU ever visited Billy Gail's Cafe?

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Anonymous said...

Yes try the Belly Buster if you dare, more food than most folks can eat! And it is excellent as well as a great price!!