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Barry Williams And Maureen McCormick Of The Brady Bunch Reunite In Branson, MO

 By Daniel Eslinger
As a child of the 70s, I grew up watching ABC Television's The Brady Bunch just about every day after school.  Although the show only ran from 1969 - 1974, it has aired in reruns ever since.

Of course I liked all of the characters, but I was most drawn to Greg & Marcia.  They seemed to

hold things together for the younger kids.  Greg was the perfect big brother to lovable Bobby, Peter, Jan and Cindy.  Marcia was well... Marcia Brady!  

So, imagine my glee when I heard that Maureen McCormick was going to be visiting Branson to see her lifelong friend Barry Williams.  You see, Barry has appeared in a movie project (Boonie Woonie) I produced as well as not 1 but 2 Homer Lee & Friends Shows with my friend and business partner Terry Wayne Sanders.  I am happy to call Barry my friend.  He's a great guy.

Pictured: Dan, Barry, Terry
I have had the pleasure of seeing 70s Music Celebration Starring Barry Williams several times and have always had a good time.  

There's always something that has been changed to make the show a little better than the times before.  The show is just a flat-out, good time!

This day at the Hughes Brother's Theatre was as fun as ever.  Terry and I sat together and enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces from around town.  There were entertainers - Haygoods, Gabriels, Santa Claus (yep, he was there!) and also a lot of our "normal" friends too.

When the lights went down and the show began, Barry and his fellow performers were in excellent voice.  Bandleader Dino Philips kept things tight and on course.

Photo Submitted by Lindsey Nicole
Then, "I can't wait any longer!" exclaimed Barry.  He then proceeded to introduce Maureen McCormick and invited her up to the stage.  The audience cheered and cheered some more! 

She was accompanied by Dominic and Catherine Haygood.  Maureen looked terrific and the crowd loved seeing she and Barry together on one stage.  It was a fun moment.

She and the Haygoods joined in on one of my favorite parts of the show.  Barry sets the scene as a bunch of friends sitting around the campfire enjoying each others company and having exactly what we had today... a very groovy time.

Above Photo Submitted by Jennifer Pinson-Evans

Above Photo Submitted by Jennifer Pinson-Evans

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