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The Haygoods (Branson, MO)

By Samantha Lekin
Whether you've seen The Haygoods perform or not, you will understand that you are about to see an amazing show, just by the size of the audience. 

I was pretty shocked when I pulled up to The Clay Cooper Theatre and was told the

parking lot was full and directed me to a church parking lot next door. 

I thought the word must be getting out that this family puts on a heck of a show. It’s pretty amazing if you think about it. Going from 8 kids living in a single wide mobile home with their parents, growing up with no money, performing as little kids at Silver Dollar City, and now…packing the theatre and having one of the most successful shows in Branson…it makes a person realize that dreams do come true if you work hard enough. True inspiration at its best.

Once the curtain rose for the show I was captivated, and I had seen this show before…but it’s one of those shows that people can see again and again and continue to fall in love with it. This year they have added a whole lot of new songs, special effects, grand entrances, costumes, and segments. There is a moment in the show for everyone. 

Whether you like country music, dancing, instrumental songs, oldies, pop tunes, harmonies, or comedy…they have it all. Some songs will make you want to dance in your seat while others create moments of silence and breathlessness as the beautiful instruments and voices fill the theatre.

Each member of the family played multiple instruments on stage. Catherine’s harp solo brought tears to my eyes. She plays that instrument with such passion and finesse chills roll amongst the audience members and the reaction she got from the crowd at the end of the song proved that everyone felt the same way. 

The other family members have perfected their instruments as well. Matthew keeps everyone in check with his smooth bass playing, Banjo Boy Tim keeps getting better and better at that hot pickin’, Dominic proves that he is a master at the fiddle and the saxophone, Michael, king of the guitar, keeps the crowd going wild, and Patrick not only displays his amazing talents on keys he has also added some sweet harmonica to the mix this year. 

Rounding out the group, keeping the beat, is one of Branson’s most talented drummers, Dino Phillips. Believe it or not…these aren’t the only instruments the Haygoods play on stage…you have to go see the show to believe how well versed they really are.

The Haygood family definitely has to be one of my favorite shows in Branson. I love the variety, the passion each of them showed on stage for their craft, the energy, the special effects, the creativity, and the pure talent that each member has separately and as a family. 

The touching tribute to the Veterans and their Grandfather at the end of the show will raise you to your feet. I had to wipe a couple tears as Dominic spoke of their Grandfather, because I could relate to his story, just as many other audience members could, I’m sure.

Be sure to stick around at the end and meet the family, because they are not only super talented on stage…they are just as good of people off the stage. They will wait until everyone is gone from the theatre, making sure to meet and greet all fans that want to get a picture, an autograph, or just say hi.

I believe their humble beginnings have strongly influenced the way they live their lives today. They want to make sure everyone is entertained, feels special, and is happy the whole time they’re watching the show and even as they leave the theatre. Trust me…once you see them once, you will want to go back again!

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Anonymous said...

It is impossible to choose just one because they are all very talented and personable! The show is amazing, you will be totally entertained! It is a must see when in Branson!

Anonymous said...

I love these guys! Love their energy they have in every show. Never get tired of watching them or listening to their CD' s. Definitely a must see show in Branson. :)

Larry Bowen said...

Great article! This is an outstanding family of entertainers. I've seen several of their shows, and it's hard to believe how they can create several new and different shows each season! Yet, they manage to continue to astound you! Super talented group of young people--their instrumental version of "Singin' In The Rain" is both a graphic and musical inspiration that captivates the audience. If you DON'T see this show, you'll miss out on what the NEW Branson is all about!!!