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Grease Is The Word In Hollister, MO

Who doesn't love an outdoor movie in the summertime?  We sure do!  The City of Hollister is joining forces with Holister's YMCA for an old fashioned movie night.  

A FREE showing of 1978's Grease will be held on August 8th at Chad A. Fuqua Memorial Park next to City Hall in Hollister.  This PG-13 film stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

The movie is set to begin at 8:30pm but it is best to arrive early if seating is a concern.  Popcorn, soda pop and water will be served.  For refreshment cost and other information visit the City Of Hollister by clicking here or call 417-334-3262.

Photo Credit: IMDB

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Anonymous said...

A good film for adults. Not sure about for kids. There's some foul language and so on. Lot's of sex talk. Good music though.