Branson's Tour Guide

Branson Balloon Festival (2014)

Weather in the Ozarks is always unpredictable.  We can't control the wind.  

That being said, a growing number of people hope there will be a few changes made (behind-the-scenes) to make next year's Branson Balloon Festival better.
While taking pictures and walking around the Branson RecPlex grounds, we heard many disparaging comments regarding the musical selections,  stage placement, event location and more. 

One gentleman said, "They've had that rap crap (video here) playing for a half an our and most of the people here don't even like that S#*%!"  While Susan B. told us, "They've got the stage turned away from the people.  Whoever set this thing up needs to get a clue."

For a more positive and balanced look at the success of the event be sure to view the Branson Balloon Festival Facebook Page

We would like to add that seeing people get together outdoors on a beautiful evening in Branson, MO was most enjoyable.  The children seemed to have a good time and people were making conversations with their neighbors.  It seemed like an old fashioned summer night in America and that was a good thing.

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