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BIG News For The Red Roof Mall Complex

There has been a lot of talk about the future of the old "Red Roof Mall" complex over the past couple of years.  
When the failing mall finally closed, it was anyone's guess as to what was to become of the property.   We finally have an answer.

Many ideas were floated about but Ballparks of Branson, LLC officially won out.  On Friday, August 1st the final decision was finallized as Ballparks of Branson officially gained control of the facility.

The evolving plan has been laid out with construction and renovation to be completed in several seperate phases.  The total cost of the project when all phases are complete is said to be aproximatly $24 million dollars.

You may be asking why a tourist destination such as Branson, MO would be interested in multiple ballparks on such a prime piece of real estate.  The answer may lie in the sheer economics of all parties involved.

When you add up the total dollars spent by what could be 128 ball teams, their families, coaches and anyone else traveling with them - that is big money.  That is not taking into account other factors including construction etc.

Although it is sad to see such a monumental piece of Branson history change forever, it shows one thing, Branson is constantly evolving - like it or not.

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Anonymous said...

Great step in the right direction but where will the Veterans meet during Veterans week?

Anonymous said...

Same place they have always met.

Anonymous said...

excited to see this happen,this will be a large boost in the economy,alot of families will be spending dollars here this is a great shot in the arm for our community