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Name This Branson Personality

It's GAME TIME again!  
Can you guess who this youngster grew up to be?  The answer will be revealed within 7 days and appear at the end of this post. 
(Click Read More for helpful hints.)

Disclaimer: This Branson guessing game is for fun only.  No prize of any kind will be awarded to anyone participating in this game.  Comments are welcome at the end of this post. 

 Helpful Hint # 1
This person sings, dances, plays musical instruments and owns his own business. 

Helpful Hint # 2
While in college, this person received not one but two Dean's Awards.

Helpful Hint # 3
This little guy grew up to not only sing music but also compose musical scores.  

Helpful Hint # 4
This performer can speak Svenska, a North Germanic language, spoken by approximately 10 million people, predominantly in Sweden and parts of Finland, where it has equal legal standing with Finnish.

Helpful Hint # 5
This baby grew up to perform with multiple siblings in their own Branson, MO show. 

Helpful Hint # 6
He and his family now have their very own theatre on Hwy. 76

Our mystery baby grew up to earn a music degree with a recording emphasis at Brigham Young University.  While there he was honored with the Dean's Award for "Music in the Media" two years in a row. 

He directs the musical arrangements for his families very own Branson show which includes his brothers' dynamic harmonies, and plays a variety of instruments. He really shines on the keys. In addition, he is an accomplished composer, arranger, and sound engineer, and is the driving force behind the brothers' own recording studio and record label, Huge Records.

By now you must know that we are talking about the one and only Marty Hughes of the Hughes Brothers and the Hughes Brothers Theatre.  Marty and his family are known to be the largest family in the world who perform together on one stage.

Picture:  Marty Hughes and wife Cindy Hughes




Janet said...

Jak (SIX)

Anonymous said...

It looks like Jerett Dougherty to me.

Anonymous said...

Terry Wayne

Anonymous said...

Clay Cooper

Anonymous said...

Terry Sanders

Anonymous said...

Matt Gumm?

Connie said...

Marty Hughes?

Tricia said...

Is it Ben Dutton?