Branson's Tour Guide

New South Gospel Show Review (By D.E.)

You must see the New South Gospel show!  You will hear some of the most talented folks in Branson singing some of the best music of all time.  Southern Gospel is my favorite and they do it well!

I have to confess, I got to the show a few minutes late due to some very important business - we went to the Grand Country Buffet!  It was marvelous as always.  I enjoyed their watermelon and fried catfish and mashed potatoes & gravy and blackberry cobbler and... you get the picture?

Their fried chicken was good enough to put a smile on any good Preacher's face and mine too!  After our late lunch, I walked the short distance over to the Grand Country Music Hall.  (By the way, both are in the same building and not far apart.)  Along the way I was able to say hi to my good friend and GC Box Office Manager, Helenna Campbell.  It is always so good to see her smiling face!

Next, I waddled my way to my seat where the combination of the cool theatre, my satisfied stomach and the fine music made for a most enjoyable afternoon.  

Jamie Haage, Jackie Brown and piano virtuoso Tracy Heaston joined New South and the Grand Band.  They played and sang some of the best gospel music I have heard in a long time.

"This two-hour Southern Gospel extravaganza takes you from the early roots of southern gospel to hand-clapping gospel hits of today. From the Jordanaires to Bill Gaither, this show leaves you walking a little higher."

There was something for everyone.  However, my favorite part was during the second half of the show when they did a Gaither-style sing along.  They even sang Mansion Over The Hilltop one of my all-time favorites!

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