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Branson Country USA at Grand Country (5/23/14)

It was another fun night at Grand Country's Branson Country USA.  The special guest star for the late night show was Kari Garrison of Conway Remembered with Mike Walker at the God & Country Theatre.

There were may highlights of the evening.  The show had everything you could ask for in a Branson show!  There was plenty of country music, comedy, inside jokes, gospel music, fiddle playin' and a band full of award winning musicians.

Mike Patrick and Jamie Haage did a wonderful job ay bringing it all together in a way that was most entertaining!

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(Photo descriptions below are from left to right.)

Jackie Brown, Melody Hart, Larry Allred, Kari Garrison, Rob Blackburn

Jamie Haage, Kari Garrison, Melody Hart

Melody Hart, Rob Blackburn

Larry Allred, Rob Blackburn
Jamie Haage, Wayne Massengale
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Wayne Massengale, Medody Hart, Kari Garrison

Larry Allred, Wayne Massengale, Melody Hart, Mike Patrick, Jamie Haggie

Article by Branson's Tour Guide owner Daniel Eslinger

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun show! Larry Allred and Jamie Haagie always make me laugh!