Branson's Tour Guide

Grandma Beulah and Cousin Dud Hit Branson!

When Terry Wayne Sanders and Frank Howell get together, there are plenty of laughs to be had and jokes to be made. 
Recently the two toured Branson, portraying characters Cousin Dud and Grandma Beulah.  They provided onlookers with memories of a lifetime,
made some new friends and saw some old friends all while visiting local businesses and attractions. 

Terry (also a spokesman for BTG) is a seasoned entertainer, celebrating his 35th year in Branson.  He's everywhere it seems - magazine covers, billboards, TV, radio, social media and a full time job at Silver Dollar City.  In his off time he is in much demand as a public speaker and master of ceremonies.  "You have to do it.  You need to stay out there and be relevant... and I love it!" he says.  

Terry's countless characters include feisty Grandma Beulah, the silent Mr. M. Balmer (SDC's Undertaker), country boy Homer Lee, wild mountain woman Ada Mae and the list goes on.

Frank Howell has taken a different path to the entertainment business.  "(Kelly's Kountry Junction) asked me to be on their show as Cousin Dud and things just started to happen from there.  I've learned to never just say no to a door that is open.  I no longer limit myself or God." With a gleam in his eye he added, "and I am having the time of my life."

Frank plays the loveable dolt, Cousin Dud to perfection but that's not all he does.  "One day they heard me singin' along with a track in the background.  The next thing you know, I'm singing harmonies and backup.  The show has done a lot for me."

The two entertainers met on the set of Kelly's Kountry Junction and hit it off right away.  Show host Kelly Lee James and producer Kathy Butler put them in situations where they could play off one another's strengths and showcase their talents. 

   Of their friendship Terry says, "...(waiting between takes) gave us time to get to know one another and discover that we have a lot in common."  Their love of family, God and making people laugh comes through both on screen and off.  

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