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Clay Cooper Visits Grand Country's Late Show

Clay Cooper nearly blew the roof off of the Grand Country Music Hall last night!  He sang up a storm and the audience loved every minute of it. His first selection was Unwound (a George Strait hit).

Later, he was joined by longtime friend Melody Hart for a tearjerker that left fans wanting more.  One to never let his friends and fans down, Clay came back during the commercial break and wowed the crowd for a third time.

Along the way Coop' talked about his newly remodeled theatre and post-40 eyesight changes.  His bantering back and forth with show hosts Mike Patrick and Jaime Haage had the audience laughing and feeling like they were part of the show.

It's easy to see why Clay Cooper's Country Music Express is one of Branson's top shows.  His charisma plays well to both men and women and his easygoing manner and sometimes self-deprecating humor make him even more likeable.  It doesn't hurt that he is one heck of a singer too!